The sweatness of grey
  • Feminine V-neck open,  3/4 length sleeves
  • European from linen seed to manufacturing
  • Quality and softness of the linen mesh
  • Comfy, it adapts to your styles by declining in 3 lenghts by size
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    Ethics of our top.

    Sur cette carte, retrouvez le circuit (court) du petit haut en lin Kipluzet


    Once upon a time, in western Europe France andBelgium, a linen seed was planted.

    Once the harvest is over, the linen is scutched not far from the field.

    linen cultivation in France and Belgium - kipluzet


    The bundles of scutched linene are then sent to Poland to be spinned.

    Linen spinning in Poland - kipluzet


    The thread is sent to Portugal to be knitted and dyed with respect to Oeko-Tex certification.

    Knitting and dying in Portugal


    Finally, the top is manufactured in Portugal too.

    tailoring in Portugal - Kipluzet

    Thoughts and images

    Our top is thought, written, drawn, worn, tested and pictured in Paris.

    backstage- kipluzet- made in Paris

    Our certifications


    Masters of Linen certification guarantees that our linen has been cultivated, spinned and knitted exclusively in Europe.                                                        


    Oeko-Tex certification guarantees that the steps of knitting and dyeing does not involve any harmful substances.


    Kipluzet is a community member of SloWeAre, THE reference platform of eco-fashion


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